Tuesday, May 13, 2014


My head is spinning with thoughts this morning. The gay marriage isn't a problem for me. That's where the conundrum started spinning around in my head.

I've stated this before and people think I'm joking. This is NOT a joke to me. I'm probably getting ready to piss off the gays first, but just hold on….the other side will get their's in a minute.

Do I believe in gay marriage? No. Do I care if they get married? No. Is it any of my business? No. Am I glad people love each other? Yes.

I truly believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. It is a principle straight out of the Bible, and was the first institution blessed by God. That's the way I see it. If you see it differently, that's okay too. I only have to answer for what I do. It would seem to me God made a man and a woman where they would physically fit together, without screws.

Now then, I just described how I feel about marriage, NOT marriage licenses. Do I think gays should be issued marriage licenses? No. Do I believe straights should be issued marriage licenses? No. I happen to believe requiring a license to get married is unconstitutional. It's a TAX. Since when is it okay to TAX a Biblical principle?

Where are the people who scream "SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE"? They're strangely quiet over this issue.

One politician was quoted this morning saying gay marriage will hurt the population. Like how? If they don't get married a gay couple can then reproduce? Give me a break.

What it might prevent is gays marrying heterosexuals to try to pretend to society they're straight.

The issue, as I see it, should be a constitutional question. Is our constitution for ALL men? Are ALL men created equal? Having been married more than once I can assure you they're not, but that's another issue. Back to the constitution….

I could certainly back a "domestic partnership" license to cover marriage partners financially and equal rights of property ownership, and rights of survival. It would be legally binding and would have to be dissolved legally, much like a divorce. It would be LEGALLY taxable, a choice, not a requirement for having had a ceremony to get married.

Common-law marriage can still be contracted in nine states, Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Iowa, Montana, Utah and Texas. There are different requirements in each state.

Arkansas actually has two different licenses, a regular marriage license and a covenant marriage license. The covenant marriage is, once again, a Biblical principle. So once again the government has found a way to tax religion.

My mind is reeling with all this crap this morning. Oh well….maybe if I have a second cup of coffee things will calm down.

Friday, October 11, 2013


If you haven't been paying attention to the news, I suggest you take note of what I'm getting ready to this.

1. If you are going to need gasoline in your vehicle, you better go get it today, Oct. 11. At latest tomorrow. I plan on getting mine as soon as I finish this blog.

2. If you need groceries within the next week, go get it today. Remember how empty the stores were when just a few places flooded? You haven't seen anything yet.

I'm not going to write a bunch of stuff today. Just a warning:
WE THE PEOPLE HAVE FINALLY GOTTEN PISSED OFF and a bunch of "We the people" drive big rigs.

The store warehouses usually have enough stocked up to supply their stores for three days.The truckers strike starts today and goes through Oct. 13. Then on Oct. 14 they claim they're going to shut down Washington D.C. That's Washington District of Criminals, according to the truckers.

If you live in a city where you don't have cowboys, let me tell you something. Don't ever piss off a cowboy else he'll buck and you better learn to duck. Same with truck drivers…they're finally pissed off. What are they going to do? Climb into the truck, drive squarely into the muck and y'all know what rhymes with buck, duck, truck, and muck? Yeah, you're right. Yuck!

If you support the truckers strike put #T2SDA on your vehicle and If you see a truck parked in the middle of the road, don't get mad. Honk and wave. If you see traffic jams caused by truckers, honk and wave! They're taking steps to try and save "We the people" since our politicians can't seem to get it together because….hmmm, why is that? MONEY!

I would suggest you take the time to google and see all of the executive orders that have been signed by the resident president. THEN READ THEM. If that doesn't send cold chills down your back, you don't understand what you're reading.

Our president says he won't sit down and talk to republicans until they approve everything in his bills. They aren't allowed to negotiate or he'll keep the government shut down. EXCUSE ME? Since when did we send representatives to Washington to just be "yes men" to the one man in the white house. That's not the way our government works. That's the way dictators work. "We the people" didn't elect a dictator, at least it wasn't on MY ballot.

So I urge you to support this truckers strike! Here are some links you might want to watch while I go fill up my gas tank before things get hairy out there:







Monday, July 1, 2013


Obama has accomplished his promise of hope and change!

This whole mess the USA is now in, isn't the fault of Obama. Blame for it can be laid at the feet of the national media. Over and over, we heard him say, "Hope and change" and "yes we can". So where did the media go wrong? Not ONE journalist had the balls to ask, "What changes are you talking about?"

At the time I remember being puzzled why nobody was asking. Let me back up to an earlier time in my family history.

My maternal grandmother's father was a slave owner. Those people were passed on to my grandmother and grandfather. Eventually, they gave them their freedom, but some of the women didn't want to leave so they stayed with the family. My mother was raised with these woman and loved them. Without going into details, the woman were treated better than my mother was.

Being the only girl at the time, my mother was the only girl among 5 brothers. One of the women had a baby. My mother loved babies and turned all of her attention on the child. She said one day she was holding the baby on her lap. She never revealed to me who did it, but someone came over to her and said angrily, "Put that nigger down. Don't you ever hold it again." My mother was confused, and totally crushed. She couldn't figure out what she had done wrong, but she never got over her resentment at what had happened.

I actually never heard the "N" word used until we moved to California. The school I attended was all white and Mexican. One day a black brother and sister enrolled. I was walking to gym class when the girl I was walking with, a well-known bully who everyone was scared to death of, began to step on the black girl's heels with every step. "Audrey stop it. You're hurting her."

Audrey then said and did the wrong thing…..She stepped on the girl's heels really hard and screamed, "NO. SHE'S A NIGGER."

That's when there were two hits, as the saying goes. I hit audrey and she hit the ground. There were actually more than two hits because I was furious she was hurting the girl, and kept after her until teachers pulled me off of her and marched my young butt to the office.

I'll never forget the principal asking me why I had done it. I didn't mince words….when I told her what had happened, she dropped her head and tried to keep from laughing. "I think you better stay here in the office during gym class from now on. You'll be safer here." WHAT???

Never having heard the word before, when I got home I immediately called out to my mother, "Mama, what does "nigger" mean?" That was one of the most clear learning experiences I ever had. My mother ran out of the kitchen, with her fist doubled up in my face said "Don't you ever let me hear you say that word again." She then told me what it meant and what had happened to her as a child.

Martin Luther King did more to end racism than anyone else in history. People lost their lives for that change. Rosa Parks suffered, eventually becoming my hero. To this day she's at the top of my list of women I admire. I stayed awake many nights, during that whole Alabama thing, praying for her safety.

I've looked forward to the day we would have an honorable black man step into the White House.

So here come's Obama, from a church where the pastor says "God damn America." The candidate refused to show his school records, or his birth certificate, much discrepancy over whether or not he is truly a natural American citizen.

So where was the media in all this? Crouching down behind "Hope and change" scared to death they would be accused of being called racist. So sticking their heads in the proverbial sand, they hunkered down and kept their collective mouths shut.

The result is that the change Obama had in mind has now happened. In fact, he has succeeded in what he set out to do. He said "change" and change is what we've gotten.

1. The national day of prayer has been stopped supposedly because of separation of church and state. However on that day, Obama hosted a Ramadan affair at the White House, where all his Muslim buddies were present. At that time he issued a statement to Muslims that he would see to it they would be able to practice sharia law. If that didn't alarm you then you don't know what sharia law means.

2. He has single handedly driven the USA into a place where we will go broke.

3. We are no longer admired by any other country but are a laughing stock because other leaders know and are saying Obama is an idiot.

4. He said health care would be more affordable. In truth, healthcare is going to cost 250 percent more. AND you'll be financially penalized if you don't pay for that expensive insurance.

5. The IRS, which did their part to help Obama get elected by targeting conservative and Christian groups, will now be in charge of your healthcare. My opinion is we'll have the healthiest muslims in the world and the hell with the rest of us.

6. Here's a huge change he's accomplished: NSA is now collecting all of your emails, phone calls, etc. They can now remotely activate any digital cameras in your home, so they can keep a better eye on you if you call attention to yourself.

7. The cost of groceries, gasoline, EVERYTHING has skyrocketed.

8. Obama has repeatedly sent billions of dollars of arms to the Muslim Brotherhood. That's the group who is rioting in all the countries right now. They are extremist Muslim who practice sharia law.

9. So many areas have come under scrutiny, Obama has now run off to talk about green energy and visit Nelson Mandela. Whenever things get too hot, he  has several ways to try and get the heat off of himself. He either runs off on a wild goose chase, or he makes phone calls to some black man who has gotten arrested for DUI. He loves making phone calls or visiting a black family who has had a death in the family. This is his idea of being a national leader. What it is, is the actions of a community organizer.

I hope voters are now aware why just being a community organizer doesn't qualify anyone to run a country. Voters had tunnel vision during the elections, completely ignoring how important it was to have a leader who was well-versed in foreign affairs. That requires a really STRONG man.

We are the only country left who is free. The Muslims have vowed to make America a Muslim country.

As for HOPE…you betcha. Personally I hope the IRS get disbanded, and Obama gets impeached. He took a vow to protect our constitution and he lied. He's done just the opposite at every turn. How far can he go before he's charged with treason?

Summed up in one package…..Obama continues to fiddle while America burns.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


The verdict is now in on pedophile Jerry Sandusky. Guilty on 45 of the 48 charges, said the jury. I'm just grateful the jury got it, understanding what this pervert did to young boys.

It was not surprising the Sanduskys had adopted a number of boys. The surprise was the adopted boys were sitting by Mrs. Sandusky, lined up like good little soldiers, prepared to be character witnesses.

I guarantee you, all of us who busted so many pedophiles, knew in our hearts he had adopted those boys, not out of the goodness of his heart, but to have young boys readily available for his perverted activity. But there they sat…..

Then one son broke ranks and went to the prosecutor and said, "I was a victim too."

The general public may be wondering if Sandusky will be turned loose on the children of the world again. The defense says they are definitely going to repeal. There is such a thing as a repeal bond. So will Sandusky be allowed to get out on a repeal bond?

The prosecutor has allowed for that by not pressing charges on another group of young men, who have also suffered at the hands of Sandusky. These are some that came forward too late to get in on this round. Worse comes to worse, a new case can be filed, and maybe already has been, so Sandusky can be arrested the minute he walks out of that prison.

It bothers me that Mrs. Sandusky, who claims she saw no evil, heard no evil, etc., sat as the convictions were read, and showed no emotion. She didn't flinch, cry, or act distressed. Did she know what he was doing? I can't prove that she did, but as one victim said, "How could she have NOT known."

It always amazed those of us who worked busting pedophiles, how often the wives would side with their husband and turn against their own children. If they had him arrested they would lose their happy home and have to support themselves.

That's no different than the Penn State officials turning their heads and not having this guy arrested. Watch for legal repercussions on them in the near future and another group of victims waiting in the wings.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Pedophilia: Sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object.

There was a time, in the not to distant past, I was involved in an organization called Pervert Justice. I was on staff, as were many of my friends. We did not work under our own names, to avoid repercussions from organized groups of pedophiles.

Busting pedophiles is an obsession with me, even though I'm no longer involved with the organization.  If you've ever watched "Dateline NBC: To catch a predator", you're no doubt aware of the work we did.

Even though we were only posing as young children online, sometimes we had the feeling we were victims, especially if the pedophile was one we had "worked with" for weeks or months.

Until you see it, you cannot believe the filth these perverts say to children. We discovered, from the FBI, there actually is "The pedophiles handbook", to teach these guys how to molest without getting caught. It much more pervasive than most people can even imagine.

There was just too much wear-and-tear on the emotions and I burned out after six years.

Pedophiles will get into jobs where they have easy access to children. One of the things you hear from them, when they're confronted, "I would NEVER hurt a child. I LOVE children, even more than their parents do."

Pedophiles LOVE to explain how much they love children and would never hurt one. They actually believe that parents and society as a whole, suppress the sexual urges of young children, even those who are still babies. That's why they try to blame the child with statements like "He/she came on to me."

I said all of that because Penn State's infamous Jerry Sandusky is on trial for molesting boys.

The prosecution rested yesterday. Now it's the defense's turn. I can hardly wait to see what they claim poor old Sandusky is suffering from that caused him to be so "overly friendly" with these children.

This dirt bag has left a large number of victims behind him, some of which will never come forward.

Will he take the stand today? I'm betting he will. Surely he'll cry, then he'll smile that leering looking smile of his, as he explains how he just loves children and that's why he started his charity where he could interact with all these at-risk boys.

It would be better said "where he would have easy access" to at-risk boys. By the way, at-risk children are easier targets for pedophiles.

Even if caught, a pedophile will offend again because that's his sexual preference. He thinks it's normal, even though he knows it's illegal. Society just doesn't understand him, quack, quack, quack.

You know what they say, "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, chances are it's a duck."

I expect Sandusky to take the stand today and start quacking like a duck. Hopefully the judge will put him in the ducking pen for the rest of his unnatural life.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


You can educate the ignorant, but you just can't fix stupid.

Bloomberg has proposed that what's causing New Yorkers to be overweight is large soft drinks sold in restaurants. His solution…no drinks over 16 ounces can be sold in restaurants, delis, street carts and movie theaters. Bloomberg says they will just have to buy two, because he believes they likely won't drink the second one. WHAT? Apparently Bloomberg has never heard of "take-out" cups that you could order just before you leave.

Certainly huge amounts of sugar are contributing to America's weight problems. On the other hand, so is pasta, bread, and fried foods. But don't you agree those are personal choices? If voters allow Bloomberg to deprive them of deciding how much soda they can drink, where will it stop?

What's next? Will he ban very large sandwiches that are loaded with calories?

Health workers know that fast foods are a huge factor in weight problems. Should we just close McDonald's, Burger King and KFC?

Here's several things the government could do to assist us poor little fat folks:
* Mayor, you missed those huge popcorn servings in theaters and all that extra butter.
* Ban cheeseburgers. Nobody needs the calories that cheese adds.
* Outlaw fried or greasy food: french fries, fried chicken, bacon, sausage.
*  Shut down those evil pizza places. Nothing that good should be allowed by the government.
* Stop the sale of butter, biscuits, pasta. Mac and cheese is a huge offender.
* Shut down Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts.
* And the government must ban all sale of candy bars and ice cream.
* Buffets must be shut down.

There were a number of THIN New Yorkers interviewed on TV this morning and they all thought Bloomberg's idea was stupid. Well....all except one little man who was smiling ear to ear. He said something like this: "Thank you Mayor Bloomberg for doing what needs to be done. I have a problem with my son and it will be much easier if don't see it on the shelves."

I would like to give a big shout-out to that happy little man:
"PEOPLE LIKE YOU, SIR, ARE THE PROBLEM." AND HERE'S A GREAT IDEA FOR YOU. TELL YOUR KID A WHOPPING "NO", WHEN HE WANTS SOMETHING THAT'S NOT GOOD FOR HIM." If you don't have the nerve to tell the kid "no", call Bloomberg and have him make a house call and make that kid put that big soda down. That will fix him.

The government is out of control as it is, don't give in to them raising our kids. China does that. You're only allowed so many children and they MUST be indoctrinated just like China wants them. If not, the government will kill them. Is that the direction we want to go?

Will America become a socialist country instead of a free country? Are we willing to let the government own the oil companies like they're trying to do? Will the American people have the guts to stand up and stop the deterioration of America?

There's an old adage: if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

Because Americans have set quietly, the government has slowly invaded our day-to-day living to the point where Americans don't even realize they're being boiled alive.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


This past week, a six-year old elementary school student was suspended for three days. His transgression?  According to D'Avonte Meadows, "I only just said the song, I'm sexy and I know it."

Well thank goodness the school officials at Aurora Colorado's Sable Elementary, are diligently watching out for perverted little kids. One would think they could find something better to do but after all, they rationalized, it's not the first time he's sang that same song to that particular little girl, and God forbid, he was shaking his little booty when he sang it.

Accord to the school's web page, "Sable Elementary believes that attendance is a key factor in student achievement. We can best help students achieve if they are here, on time, and ready to learn."

Anyone ever heard of making a kid sit in the office for a few days and do his work in there? Or how about a special  class for kids being disciplined for a few days.

It's pretty obvious this kid has no idea what he's done wrong or at least no idea of WHY it was wrong. Someone needs to explain it to him preferably without telling him too much information. I mean, the kid is only six-year-old.

This brings to mind a situation I had to deal with when I had a grandson living with me. He was only seven-years-old at the time.

When he walked in from school he said, "I've been suspended from school for a week."

"FOR WHAT???", I questioned. He had a puzzled look on his face as he said, "I don't know. Someone said something and I said "That sucks." Whoa boy.

So I had to sit down and explain to this little kid what that expression meant when they first started saying it. I explained it was just an expression that pretty much meant nothing now. He said "Everybody says it."

We got in the car to go to the market and there in the parking lot was a bumper sticker that said, "Bill Clinton sucks". "Look at that", he said. "It's even on that car."

He was a really good kid and he was shocked they thought he had said something dirty. And he loved school and now he couldn't go. "Uh, don't worry about it. Mamaw will fix it," I laughed.

I made him promise not to laugh or make any noise while I was on the phone. I picked up the phone and called the principal. I told her Grandson wasn't sure what he had done wrong to get suspended and would she please explain it to me.

After she explained, I said, "Oh my goodness. I absolutely agree you had to do something. HOWEVER, since he has no idea what he did wrong, I think it's got to be explained to him. You just can't discipline a child without them knowing why.(and she never saw it coming!), Since you're the one who is handing out the punishment, I believe you're the one who has to explain to this second grader exactly what "It sucks" means.

By now, grandson is rolling on the couch, holding his hand over his mouth to keep from bursting into laughter. And the principal was stuttering. When she could talk coherently, she said it's such a shame the saying had become so prevalent but she decided we'd just let it go this time.

Grandson and I were both hysterical when I got off the phone. Yep. A good time was had by all. Except the principal. I believe in turning lemons into lemonade, providing it has enough sugar in it so it's not sour. That would suck.