Saturday, June 23, 2012


The verdict is now in on pedophile Jerry Sandusky. Guilty on 45 of the 48 charges, said the jury. I'm just grateful the jury got it, understanding what this pervert did to young boys.

It was not surprising the Sanduskys had adopted a number of boys. The surprise was the adopted boys were sitting by Mrs. Sandusky, lined up like good little soldiers, prepared to be character witnesses.

I guarantee you, all of us who busted so many pedophiles, knew in our hearts he had adopted those boys, not out of the goodness of his heart, but to have young boys readily available for his perverted activity. But there they sat…..

Then one son broke ranks and went to the prosecutor and said, "I was a victim too."

The general public may be wondering if Sandusky will be turned loose on the children of the world again. The defense says they are definitely going to repeal. There is such a thing as a repeal bond. So will Sandusky be allowed to get out on a repeal bond?

The prosecutor has allowed for that by not pressing charges on another group of young men, who have also suffered at the hands of Sandusky. These are some that came forward too late to get in on this round. Worse comes to worse, a new case can be filed, and maybe already has been, so Sandusky can be arrested the minute he walks out of that prison.

It bothers me that Mrs. Sandusky, who claims she saw no evil, heard no evil, etc., sat as the convictions were read, and showed no emotion. She didn't flinch, cry, or act distressed. Did she know what he was doing? I can't prove that she did, but as one victim said, "How could she have NOT known."

It always amazed those of us who worked busting pedophiles, how often the wives would side with their husband and turn against their own children. If they had him arrested they would lose their happy home and have to support themselves.

That's no different than the Penn State officials turning their heads and not having this guy arrested. Watch for legal repercussions on them in the near future and another group of victims waiting in the wings.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Pedophilia: Sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object.

There was a time, in the not to distant past, I was involved in an organization called Pervert Justice. I was on staff, as were many of my friends. We did not work under our own names, to avoid repercussions from organized groups of pedophiles.

Busting pedophiles is an obsession with me, even though I'm no longer involved with the organization.  If you've ever watched "Dateline NBC: To catch a predator", you're no doubt aware of the work we did.

Even though we were only posing as young children online, sometimes we had the feeling we were victims, especially if the pedophile was one we had "worked with" for weeks or months.

Until you see it, you cannot believe the filth these perverts say to children. We discovered, from the FBI, there actually is "The pedophiles handbook", to teach these guys how to molest without getting caught. It much more pervasive than most people can even imagine.

There was just too much wear-and-tear on the emotions and I burned out after six years.

Pedophiles will get into jobs where they have easy access to children. One of the things you hear from them, when they're confronted, "I would NEVER hurt a child. I LOVE children, even more than their parents do."

Pedophiles LOVE to explain how much they love children and would never hurt one. They actually believe that parents and society as a whole, suppress the sexual urges of young children, even those who are still babies. That's why they try to blame the child with statements like "He/she came on to me."

I said all of that because Penn State's infamous Jerry Sandusky is on trial for molesting boys.

The prosecution rested yesterday. Now it's the defense's turn. I can hardly wait to see what they claim poor old Sandusky is suffering from that caused him to be so "overly friendly" with these children.

This dirt bag has left a large number of victims behind him, some of which will never come forward.

Will he take the stand today? I'm betting he will. Surely he'll cry, then he'll smile that leering looking smile of his, as he explains how he just loves children and that's why he started his charity where he could interact with all these at-risk boys.

It would be better said "where he would have easy access" to at-risk boys. By the way, at-risk children are easier targets for pedophiles.

Even if caught, a pedophile will offend again because that's his sexual preference. He thinks it's normal, even though he knows it's illegal. Society just doesn't understand him, quack, quack, quack.

You know what they say, "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, chances are it's a duck."

I expect Sandusky to take the stand today and start quacking like a duck. Hopefully the judge will put him in the ducking pen for the rest of his unnatural life.