Monday, July 1, 2013


Obama has accomplished his promise of hope and change!

This whole mess the USA is now in, isn't the fault of Obama. Blame for it can be laid at the feet of the national media. Over and over, we heard him say, "Hope and change" and "yes we can". So where did the media go wrong? Not ONE journalist had the balls to ask, "What changes are you talking about?"

At the time I remember being puzzled why nobody was asking. Let me back up to an earlier time in my family history.

My maternal grandmother's father was a slave owner. Those people were passed on to my grandmother and grandfather. Eventually, they gave them their freedom, but some of the women didn't want to leave so they stayed with the family. My mother was raised with these woman and loved them. Without going into details, the woman were treated better than my mother was.

Being the only girl at the time, my mother was the only girl among 5 brothers. One of the women had a baby. My mother loved babies and turned all of her attention on the child. She said one day she was holding the baby on her lap. She never revealed to me who did it, but someone came over to her and said angrily, "Put that nigger down. Don't you ever hold it again." My mother was confused, and totally crushed. She couldn't figure out what she had done wrong, but she never got over her resentment at what had happened.

I actually never heard the "N" word used until we moved to California. The school I attended was all white and Mexican. One day a black brother and sister enrolled. I was walking to gym class when the girl I was walking with, a well-known bully who everyone was scared to death of, began to step on the black girl's heels with every step. "Audrey stop it. You're hurting her."

Audrey then said and did the wrong thing…..She stepped on the girl's heels really hard and screamed, "NO. SHE'S A NIGGER."

That's when there were two hits, as the saying goes. I hit audrey and she hit the ground. There were actually more than two hits because I was furious she was hurting the girl, and kept after her until teachers pulled me off of her and marched my young butt to the office.

I'll never forget the principal asking me why I had done it. I didn't mince words….when I told her what had happened, she dropped her head and tried to keep from laughing. "I think you better stay here in the office during gym class from now on. You'll be safer here." WHAT???

Never having heard the word before, when I got home I immediately called out to my mother, "Mama, what does "nigger" mean?" That was one of the most clear learning experiences I ever had. My mother ran out of the kitchen, with her fist doubled up in my face said "Don't you ever let me hear you say that word again." She then told me what it meant and what had happened to her as a child.

Martin Luther King did more to end racism than anyone else in history. People lost their lives for that change. Rosa Parks suffered, eventually becoming my hero. To this day she's at the top of my list of women I admire. I stayed awake many nights, during that whole Alabama thing, praying for her safety.

I've looked forward to the day we would have an honorable black man step into the White House.

So here come's Obama, from a church where the pastor says "God damn America." The candidate refused to show his school records, or his birth certificate, much discrepancy over whether or not he is truly a natural American citizen.

So where was the media in all this? Crouching down behind "Hope and change" scared to death they would be accused of being called racist. So sticking their heads in the proverbial sand, they hunkered down and kept their collective mouths shut.

The result is that the change Obama had in mind has now happened. In fact, he has succeeded in what he set out to do. He said "change" and change is what we've gotten.

1. The national day of prayer has been stopped supposedly because of separation of church and state. However on that day, Obama hosted a Ramadan affair at the White House, where all his Muslim buddies were present. At that time he issued a statement to Muslims that he would see to it they would be able to practice sharia law. If that didn't alarm you then you don't know what sharia law means.

2. He has single handedly driven the USA into a place where we will go broke.

3. We are no longer admired by any other country but are a laughing stock because other leaders know and are saying Obama is an idiot.

4. He said health care would be more affordable. In truth, healthcare is going to cost 250 percent more. AND you'll be financially penalized if you don't pay for that expensive insurance.

5. The IRS, which did their part to help Obama get elected by targeting conservative and Christian groups, will now be in charge of your healthcare. My opinion is we'll have the healthiest muslims in the world and the hell with the rest of us.

6. Here's a huge change he's accomplished: NSA is now collecting all of your emails, phone calls, etc. They can now remotely activate any digital cameras in your home, so they can keep a better eye on you if you call attention to yourself.

7. The cost of groceries, gasoline, EVERYTHING has skyrocketed.

8. Obama has repeatedly sent billions of dollars of arms to the Muslim Brotherhood. That's the group who is rioting in all the countries right now. They are extremist Muslim who practice sharia law.

9. So many areas have come under scrutiny, Obama has now run off to talk about green energy and visit Nelson Mandela. Whenever things get too hot, he  has several ways to try and get the heat off of himself. He either runs off on a wild goose chase, or he makes phone calls to some black man who has gotten arrested for DUI. He loves making phone calls or visiting a black family who has had a death in the family. This is his idea of being a national leader. What it is, is the actions of a community organizer.

I hope voters are now aware why just being a community organizer doesn't qualify anyone to run a country. Voters had tunnel vision during the elections, completely ignoring how important it was to have a leader who was well-versed in foreign affairs. That requires a really STRONG man.

We are the only country left who is free. The Muslims have vowed to make America a Muslim country.

As for HOPE…you betcha. Personally I hope the IRS get disbanded, and Obama gets impeached. He took a vow to protect our constitution and he lied. He's done just the opposite at every turn. How far can he go before he's charged with treason?

Summed up in one package…..Obama continues to fiddle while America burns.