Thursday, April 12, 2012


Bobby, Bobby, Bobby….51 years old, desperate because old age is biting you in the butt, and now you're an unemployed senior citizen with the morals of an alley cat.

The aging football coach has been known to screw other football teams besides Arkansas.

When he was offensive coordinator at Auburn, he screwed them over by going to Louisville. Then he sneaked back to Auburn behind Tommy Tuberville's back and tried to take his job.

In the South, we've always said a man's word is his bond and a handshake is considered sacred.

As head coach of the Atlanta Falcons when they lost to the New Orleans Saints, he was asked by team president Rich McKay if he was leaving. Petrino stuck out his hand, shook on it. The next morning he sneaked to Arkansas, arriving in time for the press conference. He didn't even have the guts to tell the Atlanta players, leaving them a photocopied letter in each locker.

Giving the devil his due, I have to admit Petrino is a talented winning coach. However paired with the fact he's a sneak, a liar, and a cheat, one has to wonder how many more teams he'll leave in disgrace before universities and team owners will wise up.

Since he was fired with cause, from University of Arkansas, his high-paying head coach job just got flushed down the proverbial toilet. We're all hoping the interim coach can lead the Razorbacks into a winning season. And kudos to Jeff Long, for having the morals to hold Petrino accountable. It had to have been a heartbreaking decision for him.

The quickly aging coach may have just discovered the truth in the song "You're nobody 'till somebody loves you."

His family has been royally screwed over too, as he carried on a surreptitious affair with a blond volleyball player who made a profit of $20,000 out of money that was legally marital property belonging to his wife. His wife should skin more than his little pug nose.

There's another old saying "If he's done it FOR you, he'll do it TO you." There will be a day of reckoning eventually. I can't imagine anyone being dumb enough to hire him in a head coach position again but there's always someone gullible who can be taken for a ride.

He's morally bankrupt. He doesn't have a clue what loyalty, honesty or truth mean.

Would you let a poisonous snake slither around in your house, knowing it's going to bite you eventually? Bobby Petrino is poison and he's proven over and over he's a snake.
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