Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dastardly things result because women drive

According to an article from the BBC News, "A report in Saudi Arabia has warned that if Saudi women were given the right to drive, it would spell the end of virginity in the country."

Women in Muslim countries have been fighting for the right to drive for some time now. There is no ban but, of course, they can be arrested and then suffer a severe lashing.

The report was presented to Saudi's legislature by "well-known academic Kamal Subhi". The warning continued graphically, "letting women drive would increase prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce".

WHO KNEW! Following this to it's obvious conclusion, we can solve most of America's problems by removing women's drivers licenses. Just look at what we could accomplish! With one move we can stop all brou-ha-ha about birth control because it would no longer be needed. We all knew that men's obsession with porn was caused because we could drive.

I'm not convinced it would stop divorce except women couldn't get to an attorney as easily, but it wouldn't have stopped me. I would have walked if necessary. Maybe the brilliant Mr. Subhi should have included a ban on telephones for women.

There would be no more homosexuality. I just never knew my driving a vehicle could cause that. I will have to suggest to my lesbian friends to stop driving. IMMEDIATELY! If you stop driving, all of my gay and lesbian friends will become straight.

Think about it! No more worries about trying to find a cure for AIDS. No more illegitimate babies. No more AIDS testing, or testing for sexually transmitted disease. The monitory effect on our welfare system would be significant.

And King Obama, as he would like to be called (his words not mine), would no longer have to worry about the job situation. If women couldn't drive, they couldn't get to work. Remove that half of the work force and all men would have jobs.

I have a few questions about the theory Mr. Subhi, who seems to have the brain of a pinto bean, has put forth. I'm sure, given the opportunity, he will come up with an explanation.

The last time I looked, prostitutes didn't drive, they walked. It always seemed to be a man driving. The exception, and possibly has something to do with Mr. Subhi's reasoning, is the wife driving behind her husband, watching him pick up the prostitute, and then driving to an attorney. Or a pawn shop for a gun.

Most gays and lesbians were that way before they were aware that women were driving.

The acceleration of the porn business appears to be demanded by men not women in their cars. The women involved are making copious amounts of money while staying home.
contacted by some male, his name escapes me,  who screwed an African monkey. Holy crap. I'm almost positive that no woman drove him to THAT little rendezvous.

Academic: a member of an institution of learning.  The well-known academic Kamal Subhi, either needs to have his teaching credentials removed or possibly he's in the wrong kind of institution. Someone please get him to a doctor and put on the appropriate medication because whatever he's taking right now obviously isn't working.

By the way, Mr. Subhi, I'm not particularly an expert on these issues but when it comes to MY virginity, I'll admit to being in the car, but I was NOT the one driving.
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