Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to survive Holiday Hell!

For various reasons the holidays are hard for many people. Family traditions are wonderful until a key member of your family dies. You know things will never be the same. You know your holiday traditions will never, ever be the same. You know the holidays are going to be hell.

When my dad died I began to dread the upcoming holiday season. Christmas was the worse. I was still mourning and I couldn't even imagine being able to get through the holiday.

We had always had the traditional Christmas dinner with a large sit-down dinner Just the thought of it made me want to crawl in bed and cover my head and not come out until the groundhog saw his shadow.

My husband came up with a fabulous idea. Instead of a sit-down dinner, how about doing a bunch of finger foods buffet style, and everyone could eat whenever they wanted. That was just what I needed.

So the kids, my mother and I began to plan. We decided to get an get a shaved ham and assorted sliced cheeses, sliced for sandwiches, rye and white bread, a sandwich spread cream cheese with chopped black olives in it, chips, a hot cheese dip, a clam dip, numerous relish tray items, deviled eggs, and several desserts. It was fun, easy, and more relaxed than if I had to stand and cook all night.

TIP: If you want to serve deviled eggs, or take some to a potluck, here's a great way to serve them. Take a large plate with raised sides, cover the bottom with dried green split peas. Then place your deviled eggs on the peas. It's beautiful and they'll stay in place and won't be slipping all over the place.

The other side of the story is if you're going to have a wonderful Christmas, share it with someone less fortunate. Here are some ways you can help:

Donate blankets and pillows to the homeless.
Give of yourself by helping out at a soup kitchen.
Make it possible for some family to have a Christmas
Find someone who is ignored by their family and do something special for them.

And you can help all of us if you'll buy MADE IN AMERICA items.

Remember what Christmas is all about and giving Him a gift is the best ways to honor the one whose birthday is being celebrated. I know just what He wants for each other, forgive those who have offended you, love the unlovable, provide for the less fortunate. Don't be seduced by materialism. Remember: JESUS is the reason for the season.
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