Thursday, December 29, 2011


The occupy movement reminds me of an old joke:

A man got on a train and the only seat left was beside a woman with a little well-dressed poodle. The man asked the woman to move the dog so he could have the seat and the woman, sticking her nose in the air, said "I will not."

The man stood until his legs were tired and again asked the woman to please move the dog so he could sit. Nose in the air, she again refused.

Finally the man grabbed the dog and threw it out of the train window. The woman began to scream. The train porter came, assessed the situation, then turned to the man and said, "Excuse me sir, but I think you threw the wrong bitch out of the window."

Maybe I'm missing something about this whole occupy thing. Here's MY thoughts on the thing.

Just exactly what are they trying to accomplish. They've made their ideals known. What began to quickly happen, all the freaks who had too much time on their hands and a gripe about ANYTHING showed up.

Then came the carnival atmosphere. WHEE! Half of them didn't even know what the issue was and the damage was to small mom and pop businesses being blocked.

I agree with some of the goals. There's too much pressure put on politicians by huge corporations, who pay big bucks hiring lobbyists. Then they make huge contributions to their chosen candidate's campaign.

Get the Federal Reserve back under control. They're the ones in control of the problem. Research what's going on with the Federal Reserve. It will shock you. Banks need more money? Hey, no problem, The Federal Reserve will just print it, with only thin air to back it up, and then loan it to the banks, who make huge profits off of it. Meanwhile people's homes are getting taken away by the banks, jobs have gone away, etc. But the bankers are getting richer and richer. And because there's no laws to control them, the Federal Reserve has now gone rogue. Our government no longer has the laws in place to stop it.

Pressure on politicians got us into this mess, putting pressure on politicians can get us out of it. We need to take back our democracy and take back our country.

If the occupy folks want to demonstrate, do it to the people who make the laws. Get some controls back on the banks. Deregulation of banks was not a good idea. Put the pressure on politicians  to raise the minimum wage so people can live on it. Refuse to work for those who don't pay fair wages.  Corporations who move to another country because they can pay lower wages….start a movement to stop buying their products. Jump on the buy "Made in America" products.

While we've been feeding and taking care of half the world's people, we stopped paying attention to what was happening in our own country. It's time to get informed before you vote. Stop voting for someone just because they have a nice smile. Stop voting for someone just because they can debate well. Vote for people who will clean up this mess we're in. Be an informed voter.
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