Thursday, January 12, 2012


Speaking of football…you weren't? Oh well, most others have been talking football for the last three days.

Starting with the BCS championship game on January 9:
Here's what happened in MY world during the game. Being a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, I was glued to my television when they first entered the stadium for warmup before the fans even arrived.

As they entered, the LSU players went running over, lined up and began posturing, puffing out their chests and trying to intimidate the Bama team. Considering this was over an hour until the fans started arriving, I thought it was a totally classless thing to do. The Bama players completely ignored them.

Then it was game time. When the Crimson Tide ran onto the field, the LSU fans began to boo. When the LSU team entered, I heard not a single disrespectful boo from Bama fans. So what did it prove? It proved the LSU team and it's fans have absolutely no class.

When Bama coach Nick Saban entered, he made a point of walking around the LSU coach from a distance. My opinion is Saban was not giving the LSU coach a chance to start some kind of crap.

Crap trickling downhill is true. I can't imagine Coach Saban tolerating that kind of behavior from his players or the fans. He'd be all over them like white on rice and I'm proud of the Crimson Tide's ethics and behavior.

Usually I probably would stop watching a game that was an obviously going to be a humiliation to a team, like this one was to LSU. Not this time. After the arrogance and bad sportsmanship I witnessed, you couldn't have pried me away from that game.

Ordinarily I get pretty vocal during a game, cheering on my team. Even when I'm alone I really get into the game. Can't help myself.

Not this time though. I couldn't cheer because I spent the whole game rolling with laughter, as LSU's team, who had been so rude only an hour before, stood with this look of horror on their faces as they realized the Tide was rolling all over them and there wasn't a thing they could do to stop it. It was the first championship game I've ever seen where the supposedly #1 teams was stomped into the dirt, only got over the 50 years line once, immediately got the ball intercepted and came out of the game with a score of zero.

Coach Saban proved he deserved the Crystal Football. Congratulations to the Crimson Tide. You make your fans proud to say "ROLL TIDE!"
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