Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm going to tell you who the men are that make up the SEALs Team Six. I will reveal who killed Osama. I will reveal the men who heroically saved two hostages recently.

But first I would like to tell you who the SEALs are not.

The  megalomaniac who married into my family once that bragged he was a Navy SEAL was what he appeared to be….a narcissistic sociopath. He couldn't have made it through SEAL training to save his life. No patriotism, no morals, no common sense.

The guy who sat in my office a few months ago and apparently decided to impress me since I'm probably the only woman private investigator he's ever run into. Never have figured out why some men see that as an immediately challenge to their manhood and try to impress me with stories of their daring adventures. Granted this man never said the word SEAL, but he kept hinting at it, finally pulling out his Iraq I.D. to show me.  At this point I started rolling with laughter, lowered the boom on this little short, chubby, clean shaven piece of bovine scatology. His testicles probably still haven't come out of hiding.

Pretending to be a Navy SEAL is illegal and if someone will just tell me how and where, I would report these gutless wonders in a heartbeat. How dare they

Now let me tell you about a REAL SEAL…

He is totally ripped. Big upper body, muscles in places you probably don't even know you have muscles. He has undergone torturous training in numerous training programs. He's one of the few who made it. Then he had to be approved by, not only his superiors but his peers.

He's super intelligent and could even  have a master's degree.

He's an adrenaline junky to the max. He may have had some trouble over the years, because of his love of love of adrenaline, he was always looking for some excitement. Even with this, he is extremely disciplined physically and mentally.

He loves his country and is a serious patriot. He may also be married with a child. He's the personification of honest. His word is his bond.

He's not a killer but if that's what it takes to complete the mission, so be it. He's successful because he takes no prisoners.

Think he's easy to spot? Just look for the most military looking ripped man in the room, knife creases in his pants, short military haircut, standing straight and tall? Not on your life.

A SEAL has to be able to move around in different cultures without being spotted. So he's probably a little on the scruffy side, certainly not the most well-groomed. His hair is too long, he may have a beard, never clean-shaven. He may be short, he may be tall.

He'll be on a dangerous mission one day and home mowing his grass the next.

He's arrogant, but doesn't have to brag to make himself feel better. He's arrogant because he's the best and he damned well knows it. The only place he talks or jokingly brags is among his little group of other SEALs because they're probably giving him all kinds of ribbing over how much better they could have done what he just did.

He's a hero but is always ready to be only one of the team. He'll lead or follow, whichever will get the mission accomplished.

SEAL Team Six…You are my heroes. I love you all, I admire you, I salute you. I would gladly take a bullet for any one of you.

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