Friday, February 10, 2012


It's very disturbing to me, that Americans don't get in an uproar when their constitutional rights are threatened. Have they fallen into thinking if a man is sitting in the White House, then he wouldn't dare do anything to threaten our rights?

The Constitution of the United States has been so misquoted over the last few years, I'm just not sure some people even know what their rights are or why some things could threaten us.

When someone passes laws without the legal right to do so, there is a reason they keep it a secret. We were promised, by President Obama, we would have the most open administration we've ever had. When he's meeting in back rooms with his cronies and signing things into law without taking it through the proper channels, it's illegal. And why isn't the media raising a fuss? I'll tell you why. Anyone who questions Obama's politics or methods is instantly accused of being racist.

I'll tell you what is also racist. Letting a man get away with passing unconstitutional laws because he happens to have a little black in him. That makes no sense at all. If a white man had pulled some of the stuff Obama has, they would have already impeached him. That, my friends, is racism.

And people who know me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm NOT racist. Never have been, never will be, and I've been known to get physically involved when I've seen racism rear it's ugly head. I looked forward to the day when we would have  a  black man become President.

But I will also stand and fight to keep any politician, black, white, or pink with purple dots, from taking away my constitutional rights.

Some of the things sound like such a good idea until you think it through and where it could and probably would lead. One thing voters must NEVER forget….if you give the government an inch, they'll take a mile.

Case in point is the socialized medicine that Obama tried to push off on us. Oh me oh my! It sounded so good. We'd all have all the medicine and medical care we needed. But in the fine print and pretty much ignored was the fact you would be forced to pay for insurance or go to jail. Yeah, if you didn't have insurance they were going to put you in jail. If that sounds constitutional to you, what if the government took it to the next step and decided to tell you how many children you could have and if you had more than one, you would be forced to have a hysterectomy and they would take the child away. If you agree with that, move to China.

Thank God for our Supreme Court who saw the danger coming and ruled that it was not legal to force citizens to buy anything from a private business.

That brings up something else I'm wondering about. Don't get me wrong about this. I know California has a bad smog problem. And I know they're trying to go green.

So recently they passed a new law that by 2025 every 7th vehicle sold must be a plug-in hybrid, full electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The way I read that means that vehicle dealers MUST buy 6 regular cars but the 7th has to be a hybrid. What if the public rejects the hybrids? If a dealer has already sold 6 new cars and someone comes in and wants a brand new luxury vehicle…is it then illegal to sell them a car unless they settle for a hybrid? Will the buyer have to find another dealer who has only sold 5 regular vehicles?

Or am I looking at this wrong? Is it possible the dealer will be able to buy 42 regular vehicles as long as he buys 7 hybrids? What if the dealers can't move those hybrids because it turns out very few people want them? Will the government shut down the dealership because they can't get rid of the hybrids?

Don't get me wrong. I'm curious about the hybrids myself. I have questions how they'll perform in my area where there's lots of hills. I also have questions how they'll perform in those long lines on the California freeways when traffic is stalled, bumper to bumper, for VERY long times.

And will this put too much strain on the already stressed electricity in areas. Will they still have heat and air conditioning or will those terrible blackouts start again?

Hybrids may turn out to be fabulous.

Not so for government. The bigger government gets, the worse it gets. We need to find a way to downsize it. I can think of several departments that should be completely done away with. And I'm all for reducing the salaries of our senators and representatives. Reducing those outrageous retirement plans would help politicians put things in perspective as to how the rest of us have to live.

How about a flat tax. Everybody over the poverty level pays the same percentage with no loopholes. I totally support a flat tax!
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